Facial rejuvenation procedures

facial rejuvenation massage

Since ancient times, mankind has sought to create an elixir of youth. Our distant ancestors, among others, like us, people today, passionately want to be forever young, healthy and beautiful. Who in their fifties does not want to look and feel like in their thirties? Unfortunately, no one has yet managed to maintain the physiological course of aging. But there have been attempts to preserve youth, at least for a time, and there have been many successful ones. There are many factors that affect the general physical, mental and aesthetic condition, but today we will not talk about them. Let us clarify just a few important points that need to be learned in order to stay healthy and beautiful as long as possible. Then we will dwell in more detail on those procedures that exist today for facial rejuvenation.

  • The first and most important component that has an impact on the human body isPhysical activity.Thirty-minute morning exercises, walks or jogging in the fresh air, not only protect against the onset of many diseases, they will eliminate depression and enjoy.
  • ACCURATEBalanced diet, will help preserve youth by inhibiting the aging process. You should take food several times a day, not in large portions. Healthy food: milkweed(help in the proper formation of bones and tissues), enriched with omega acidsseafoodsaturated with various vitaminsvegetableANDfruit, nuts.
  • You should not abuse invigorating and alcoholic beverages, tobacco.Drink 1. 5 to2liters of water,herbal teas, green tea, fruit drinks.
  • Correct,healthy sleep.Absence is its absence that provokes premature aging. During sleep, the body regenerates tissues and cells.
  • UV protection,destroying elastin and collagen. Buy sunscreen and spend less time on active sundials.

Many recipes for preserving beauty and youth have long been invented by our grandmothers. All of them are based on the use of natural products, which means that they will certainly do no harm. Some facial rejuvenation procedures have been adopted by modern cosmetologists and are still used successfully to this day. Every woman is quite capable of performing them herself at home.

  • Refresh immediately and give the skin radiance, a piece of ice (non-carbonated frozen mineral water), drip a few drops of lemon juice on it and wipe smoothly on the face (excluding the area around the eyes). Within 5-10 minutes.
  • Mix the beaten egg white with finely chopped cucumber, apply the prepared mass on the face.
  • Add a teaspoon of cream and honey to the same protein.
  • Soak the line around the eyes with protein and let it dry.

After you have finished any of these masks, rinse your face with warm water. Such uncomplicated manipulations tonify and empower perfectly.


  • First exercise, warm-up massage. The entire head area is massaged with the fingertips, including the face. Then the hair strands are pulled and the face is captured. Only after these manipulations can the execution of subsequent exercises be resumed;
  • Smile closed lips, then fold the lips with a tube. Alternate movements 20 times.
  • Place your thumbs on the corners of the eyes, pointing at the base of the eyebrows, alternately, then on the eyebrows, then on the eye area, do not apply strong pressure, with each pressure closed and eyes open. Do this exercise by 5, increasing every day up to 10 times.
  • The middle and index fingers are placed at the base of the eyebrows and, with light pressure, by sliding the fingers, the nasal bridge region softens from the base to the temporal part of the head.
  • Turn your head back as far as possible, push your lower jaw forward, stretch your neck as much as possible, hold this position for up to a minute. Relax, rest and repeat the exercise. Perform up to 10 times.

What anti-aging treatments are offered in beauty salons? There are many of them. Modern cosmetology is literally packed with techniques to get rid of age-related changes. But a specialist should appoint them, based on individual characteristics, desires and financial capabilities.

Cleansing or cleansing the face

  • Chemical, is based on the action of acids, forming a controlled combustion, which triggers the recovery process at the cellular level.
  • Microdermabrasion, hardware skin with diamond crystals, smoothing relief, smoothing wrinkles.

You can count on the effect by applying gentle cleansing, such as vacuum, ultrasonic and keratoregulatory technology.

There are many effective procedures for hardware cosmetology:

  • Thermal rise,high-frequency radiation that heats tissues. Improves metabolic processes, blood circulation, stimulates collagen production.
  • Photo updates,a popular procedure that can be performed at different ages. Light pulses that do not have harmful radiation affect the skin and slow down aging.
  • Electro-current therapy,allows you to achieve a quick result (galvano therapy, darsonvalization, cryoelectrophoresis, myo stimulation).
  • Injection procedures,allowing the introduction of several components at the same time, ensuring a quick result. This procedure involves the administration of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid, plasma removal or mesotherapy, and biorevitalization.

The drug is selected individually, taking into account all the characteristics of the patient. All indications and contraindications for use are taken into account.

Despite the ever-new technologies of aesthetic medicine, massage does not lose its popularity, it is included in complex programs and used as an independent procedure. Since ancient times, cosmetic facial massage has been performed in Egypt, Rome and Greece, and the techniques and methods of its application have been passed down from generation to generation.

In today's reality, there are many types of massages

  • Classic techniquemost common. Increases skin tone, improves blood circulation, therefore, the color and appearance of the face, evens out imitation wrinkles, relieves swelling.
  • Therapeutic massage,shown for oily skin, post-acne phenomena, hyperkeratosis, acne and more.
  • Plastic massage,processing subcutaneous fat and facial muscles. Accelerates metabolic processes, strengthens muscle tone, restores proper functioning of sebaceous glands, softens wrinkles. Such a massage can be done only by qualified and experienced professionals with medical education.
  • Myofascial techniqueaffects muscles and neurovascular bundles. Lifting effect, relieving muscle tension, restoring blood circulation.
  • Lymphatic drainagethe effect is aimed at restoring lymph flow, when accumulated fluid and toxins in the tissues affect the complexion. . .

Any intervention related to the restoration of beauty and youth has contraindications. Therefore, before performing it, it is necessary to consult an experienced specialist who, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the patient, will determine the degree of impact and help in choosing the necessary procedure.

General contraindications:

  • General infectious process;
  • Acute inflammatory processes of the epidermis;
  • Serious diseases (oncology);
  • Skin diseases (warts, herpes, etc. )
  • Allergic manifestations;
  • Severe mental, somatic diseases;
  • fever
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin.