Tips to rejuvenate your eye area

eye makeup for skin rejuvenation

Everyone knows that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. But they also reflect fatigue, signs of insomnia, stress and, of course, age. But there are some little tricks that can help rejuvenate the skin around your eyes, thus making your look fresher and more attractive.

The most common problems that steal the beauty of the eyes are:

  • bag,
  • dark circles,
  • drooping eyelid,
  • crow's feet,
  • skin discoloration.

We will solve them.

Egg white

It may surprise you, but egg whites are known for their ability to hydrate and tighten loose skin. They are also great for combating lines of expression.

Simply take an egg white and apply it to the skin around your eyes, massaging gently. Do this every morning for firmer, wrinkle-free skin.


A source of vitamin E and fatty acids, it is excellent for fighting free radicals and hydrates the skin.

Simply take half an avocado pulp and apply in the evening for 15 minutes. Then rinse with water.


It is the most famous and effective eye contour product. Cucumber is rich in vitamin C. It stimulates the production of healthy skin tissue and moisturizes the skin.

Apply a slice of cucumber to each eye, or simply grind half a cucumber into a paste to apply to the skin around the eyes for 15 minutes.

You will notice that your eyes look fresher and healthier.


This is a very famous medicine. Chamomile is an excellent anti-inflammatory and relaxing product that helps normalize blood circulation to the eyes by preventing fluid retention.

Insert two chamomile tea bags. When the tea has cooled, dip two cotton balls in it and leave it in front of your eyes for 15 minutes. It will bring you a sense of relief.

Cucumber and milk

This blend is great for increasing blood circulation and removing bags or dark circles under the eyes. This is easy to do.

Simply invite half a glass of milk and dip two slices of cucumber in it. Then apply them on your eyes. The results will be displayed very soon.

Medicine with rose petals

Another great recipe for bags or dark circles under the eyes is to take 8 or 9 rose petals and place them in a jar with 4 tablespoons of almond oil. Soak them during the day in a dark corner from direct sunlight. The next day, take a cotton pad and massage the eyes with the resulting mixture. It is a very effective and pleasant treatment for eye rejuvenation.